Mystery Shopping, Customer Surveys, Store Checks or....

... any other quality and mystery checks: We provide you with valuable information about your customer's satisfaction and with information that helps you to gain a competitive edge.


Facts and Figures

A mere 4% of all dissatisfied customers complain! The remaining 96% wordlessly change to a competitor!

Dissatisfied customers share their disappointment and frustrations with 9 to 15 other people!

According to a 1998 survey by the Allensbach Institute, 40% of the customers are dissatisfied with the service performance in the grocery and travel sector, with car dealers, this number is even higher; 55%. Front-runner with regard to the numbers of dissatisfied customers are municipal administrations, reaching a 75% quota.

The probability that customers will continue to return to a company is 300% higher if the customers are satisfied!

Using mystery shopping and market research, you can align your company to your customers needs.