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... any other quality and mystery checks: We provide you with valuable information about your customer's satisfaction and with information that helps you to gain a competitive edge.


Mystery Check Examples

Interested in some practical examples of mystery checks?

We would be happy to present some real life scenarios to you.

These are taken from the retail and services sector. They will help you visualize, what a service process might look like before and after gorath servicetest has conducted an optimization process.

Examples of mystery checks, sorted by central topics:

  • UpsellingEXAMPLES
    How cleverly does your employee encourage customers to make additional purchases?
    Does your employee offer other products that you sell?
    Does your employee refer to other offers or special services?
  • Inquiries about your customerís needs and wishesEXAMPLES
    How systematic does your employee identify the actual customer demands?
    Is your employee able to successfully sell a more expensive product after thoroughly identifying customer demands?
  • Qualification of Personnel and professional competenceEXAMPLES
    How well is your employee aware of your product and service range?
    Is your employee sufficiently qualified to answer the customerís questions?
  • Compliance with business objectivesEXAMPLES
    Do your employees comply with your business objectives?
    Is the PoS (point of sale) arranged according to your companyís objectives?
    Are inquiries by phone or e-mail answered according to your objectives?
  • Ambience of your PoS (point of sale)EXAMPLES
    How do your customers feel about the arrangement of your PoS?
    Do your customers enjoy staying at your point of sale?
    Are there any criteria that are negatively perceived (annoying music, bad illumination, badly arranged products, etc.)?