Mystery Shopping, Customer Surveys, Store Checks or....

... any other quality and mystery checks: We provide you with valuable information about your customer's satisfaction and with information that helps you to gain a competitive edge.


Mystery Check Examples:
Inquiries about your customer’s needs and wishes

Well advised customers are satisfied customers...

...and willingly accept a more valuable product at a higher price, once their needs and wishes are recognized and a convincing product is offered.

Mystery Check 1:  Specialized electric supply store

A customer enters the store and inquires about a bargain washing machine, which was advertised on a flyer. A customer enters the store and inquires about a bargain washing machine, which was advertised on a flyer.


The salesperson shows the washing machine to the customer, and waits for the customer to ask some questions or make the decision to buy.

Optimized service process:

The salesperson shows the washing machine to the customer and enumerates the most important characteristics.

At the same time the salesperson points out that this washing machine has only got a spin-dryer with 800 rpm and is listed as being in the energy-efficiency class C, which means high energy and water consumption.

During the dialogue between the salesperson and the customer, it becomes clear that the latter mostly dries the laundry in the bathroom, and thus needs high spin rotation, and that he is also looking for an energy saving model.

The salesperson successfully sells a far more expensive washing machine of energy class A, with spin-dryer programs between 600 and 1400 rpm.



Mystery Check 2: Travel Agency

A young man walks into a travel agency and wants to book a trip. He does not however want to spend more than 1000 Euros for 14 days.


The travel agent merely asks the young man about his preferred travel time and she then consults the computer regarding available offers. The possible travel destinations are indiscriminately suggested to the man at random.

The man ends up leaving the travel agency saying “Thank you, I’ll think it over.”

Optimized service process:

The travel agent asks the man to take a seat and offers him something to drink. The consultation situation is relaxed.

She asks the young man, which destination he has in mind and what he would like to do during his vacation. He is enthusiastic about sports and would like to travel to a location with a lot of sun. Since he is in need of relaxation and recreation, she recommends a comprehensive “club vacation”, where all sports that he is interested in are included.

Even though at the end the trip ends up costing a few hundred Euros more than originally planned, the customer is very content and is looking forward to his vacation.