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... any other quality and mystery checks: We provide you with valuable information about your customer's satisfaction and with information that helps you to gain a competitive edge.


Mystery Check Examples:
Qualification of Personnel and professional competence

Competitive advantage through professional competence...

Customers can get extensive information on the internet (forums, product testing portals, etc.) prior to purchasing a product. However, often the vast amount of information is confusing or even contradictory, if not entirely obsolete. Many times it is not even any longer possible for the individual to be informed about everything.

Only those who can convince customers of the products on sale through professional competence will be able to increase their sales and win new customers in the long run.

Mystery Check 1: Specialized electric supply store

A customer enters the store showing his interest in a 46” flat-screen plasma TV set and asks the salesperson about its characteristics.


The salesperson enumerates some important characteristics and impatiently waits for additional questions.

Optimized service process:

The salesperson lists some important characteristics, and politely asks where this TV set is going to be placed, and why the customer specifically wants a plasma TV set.

The customer mentions that this TV set is to be used in a sports bar to broadcast sports events. He found information on the internet, stating that plasma TV sets are far better suited with regard to high-frame sequences, have a better resolution, and also provide an ideal viewing quality, even when viewed from the side.

The salesperson informs the customer that nowadays LCD TV sets are on the market which are superior to plasma TV sets regarding the abovementioned characteristics and are also more environmentally friendly.

He shows the customer an LCD model with 200 Hz screen refresh frequency and exceptionally low energy consumption, even in standby mode. He plays a demo DVD featuring a car race to let the customer himself evaluate the viewing quality, even during fast scenes and from a very lateral angle.

After hearing about additional important characteristics given by the salesperson, that the customer hadn’t even thought of before, he is enthusiastic and ultimately decides to purchase the more expensive LCD model sporting state of the art technology.



Mystery Check 2: Pharmacy

A customer enters a pharmacy and buys medication for cardiac arrhythmia.


The pharmacist hands over the medication without further remarks.

Optimized service process:

The pharmacist asks whether the customer is consuming other medication or suffering from any ailments or allergies. When the customer negates this, the pharmacist points out that the medication is under no circumstances to be taken in combination with fruit juices – especially grapefruit juice – as its ingredients can enhance the effects of the drug and even result in circulatory collapse. Furthermore the pharmacist indicates to the customer that reaction times may be impaired, for instance when driving, and especially in combination with alcohol consumption.

The customer appreciates this information very much, which he was previously unaware of, and is delighted to have found a pharmacy of his trust, to which he will gladly return when buying medication in the future.