Mystery Shopping, Customer Surveys, Store Checks or....

... any other quality and mystery checks: We provide you with valuable information about your customer's satisfaction and with information that helps you to gain a competitive edge.


Mystery Check Examples:

About a quarter of our customers in Germany...

...go shopping without a fixed plan. These customers are receptive for suggestions at the PoS. If a salesperson succeeds in rousing the customer’s interest in additional products in a friendly and clever manner, additional sales and corresponding increases of returns are possible.

Mystery Check 1: Upselling in apparel stores

A male customer in an apparel store has decided to purchase a suit and is about to pay.


The salesperson collects the money and turns over the suit to the customer.

Optimierter Serviceprozess :

The salesperson shows the customer shirts and ties matching the suit in color and style, and, for less formal events, also a polo shirt. The salesperson gives competent and unobtrusive advice on how he can change his appearance in a positive way, according to the situation. The customer is so excited that he not only buys the suit, but also shirt, tie and polo shirt – and talks to his friends about the excellent service in the apparel store.



Mystery Check 2 : Upselling in a fast food chain restaurant

A customer enters a branch of a fast food chain restaurant and orders a hamburger.


The salesperson collects the money and hands the hamburger to the customer.

Optimized service process:

In a friendly manner, the salesperson asks the customer, whether he or she would prefer to have a burger value menu, including a special burger, a beverage of choice and an additional salad, all at an attractive price.