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We carry out mystery research projects for you, such as mystery shopping, customer surveys, mystery calls, test travelling, store checks and other quality tests – tailored to the specific needs of your company.

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Are you a discriminating consumer?

Would you enjoy cultivating the “service desert” together with us?

You can read more about the activities as a mystery checker with gorath servicetest in:

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Since May 2010 we are certified as service oriented company according to ServiceQualität Deutschland(Service Quality Germany) Level I.

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We are a member of the Federal Association of German Social- and Market Researchers e.V.

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With gorath servicetest
to more customer satisfaction

We conduct quality tests or mystery checks for you, such as mystery shopping, customer surveys, mystery calls, test traveling, store checks etc. – individually tailored to your company’s needs. Read more about our services.

Our long lasting experience, competence, and personal consultation with our clients are a guarantee for successful projects. Read more about our competence and experience.

Don’t leave your company’s success up to chance!

See your company from your customers’ view

The expectations of your customers regarding service quality have increased greatly, and the central motive for customer disaffection is dissatisfaction with the service experienced.

However, a company’s service performance is often perceived differently by customers than by the company itself.

An analysis of the service and consultation performance through anonymous tester personnel, i.e. test shoppers, provides you with precise and objective information on the status of your company’s service quality.

Read more about the benefits of mystery checks for your company!


Improve your service…

Test the service quality of your company and improve your service with
gorath servicetest.

We conduct mystery checks for you, such as mystery shopping, customer surveys, mystery calls, test traveling, store checks and other kinds of quality tests. – individually tailored to your company’s needs.

Ihre Kunden sind Ihr Kapital, deswegen ist es wichtig das sie zufrieden sind. Testen Sie die Servicequalität Ihres Unternehmens und verbessern Sie Ihren Service.

Read more about our Mystery Shopping services.


…and assure long lasting customer satisfaction for your company

If the service is right, customer satisfaction climbs up and lasting customer relations are formed.

For your company, this means: increase in turnover and profits, gain in image perception, and upgrade of your market position.

The services provided by gorath servicetest offer you valuable information related to customer satisfaction, and contribute to gaining competitive advantages.

Improve your market share by binding more customers to your company, thereby improving your turnover.
We would be happy to assist you.Contact us.



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