Selection and Qualification ...

Our mystery shoppers are important for the success of our projects. They must be absolutely reliable, trustworthy, accurate, conscientious and responsible. Feel welcome to send us your application.


Mystery Checkers

Our mystery checkers come to a company as incognito customers in order to assess the company's service.

In general, this refers to mystery shopping and store checks, where the mystery checker either pretends to be a customer and then asks for advice, or generally assesses the service associated with buying a product.

In the hotel or gastronomy sector, the mystery checker takes on the role of a mystery guest for an overnight stay or a test meal.

Tasks of a mystery checker

Data for the assessment of service quality is collected following a questionnaire developed in cooperation with the client.

Among the criteria which are to be assessed are subjective factors such as:

  • Friendliness of the staff,
  • Professional competence,
  • Quality of consultation, etc.

but also objective factors, such as:

  • Cleanliness and Housekeeping
  • Availability of informational material
  • Clarity of services offered
  • Extent of services offered

Selection and qualification of mystery checkers

Due to the significance of this task, gorath servicetest attaches great importance to the selection and qualification of its mystery checkers.

They must be absolutely reliable, trustworthy, accurate, conscientious and responsible.

Importance of mystery checkers

Our mystery checkers perform an important and serious task!

Mystery checks are part of the field of market research.

Strategic management decisions are often made relying on research results. They serve as the base for the development of service standards and provide important information for the training and schooling of staff. They thus help improve the service quality of the company.