Selection and Qualification ...

Our mystery shoppers are important for the success of our projects. They must be absolutely reliable, trustworthy, accurate, conscientious and responsible. Feel welcome to send us your application.


How does the application process work?

Before you log in to Application as a Mystery Checker , you can get information here about which questions will be expecting you:

Step 1 (consent for data storage):

You are consenting to gorath servicetest's storing of your personal data (which are polled in our personnel questionnaire) in our test person database.

You have the right to revoke your consent regarding the storage of your data at any time with reference to future use.

You can send your revocation to the following e-mail address:


Step 2 (Filling out the personnel questionnaire):

After you confirm consenting to the storage of your data, you will arrive at our personnel questionnaire:

Personal data:

Enter your name and contact information. Enter also your age, so that we can classify you should specific tests be dependent on age.

Additional assignment locations:

Here you can enter additional locations, besides your place of residence, where you could be active as mystery checker.

Training / occupation / hobbies:

Please list your training / schooling (degrees, diplomas), current occupation and your hobbies. Testing experience: We would be interested to know whether you have previous experience as a mystery checker. If yes, when and where?

Driver's license / Car:

Do you have a driver's license and car?

Personal questions for applicants:

It is important for our selection process that our applicants answer the following questions truthfully. It is therefore crucial that you answer these questions:

  • Why are you interested in working as a mystery checker?
  • Why do you think you are suited for this job?
  • Please describe a positive or negative experience you've had with customer service.

Uploading files:

Sie können Dateien hochladen mit Ihrem Foto oder Ihrem Gewerbeschein (falls vorhanden).


In this field you can add personal comments.


Step 3 (Selection and notification):

After receiving the application, we reserve the right to decide according to our selection criteria whether or not we add the applicant to our tester database.

Your application is usually evaluated within 10 days.

We will definitely inform you via phone or e-mail whether or not we could consider your application.


Are you ready? You can begin the registration process straight away:
Application as mystery checker