Customer Satisfaction and Confidence

We attach great importance to providing you with comprehensive consulting and support expertise as well as a designated contact person. You should be absolutely convinced that you are cooperating with the right partner.


gorath servicetest
Your partner for conceptual mystery checks

gorath servicetest is a company specializing in the optimization of service processes. Core business is all services which focus on the customer, customer interests and satisfaction, as well as the analysis of customer service. Our aim is to improve the customer service and customer orientation.

With a competent team, we offer our clients individual solutions and a very personal support service, with high commitment, to guarantee successful projects.

A high process quality is always the central criterion for gorath servicetest

We work with high expectations towards our performance and quality to satisfy the quality aspirations of our clients.

Using custom-made concepts and processes, we respond to the individual needs and requirements of our clients.

Your requirements and expectations are the central criteria for our performance and service.