Customer Satisfaction and Confidence

We attach great importance to providing you with comprehensive consulting and support expertise as well as a designated contact person. You should be absolutely convinced that you are cooperating with the right partner.


Mission Statement

Customer satisfaction and confidence

Our central goals are customer satisfaction and confidence. We therefore attach great importance to a comprehensive consultation and support competence and fixed contact partners. Our clients need to be assured that they are working with the right partner.

All our assignments are handled with the greatest care and commitment, and we react to individual customers' wishes with the greatest flexibility.

We also set the bar for the selection and qualification of all our mystery checkers very high. They must be absolutely reliable, trustworthy, accurate, conscientious and responsible.

This is the base for quality which you require and expect from us, and thus also the prerequisite for future confidence.

Mystery tests as a modern management instrument

Often mystery shopping is regarded negatively, the mystery shoppers are labelled as agents or snoops.

This is different with gorath servicetest. We understand mystery checks as a modern management instrument, which objectively records situations and lists potentials for changes. The primary aim is to change behavior and to develop a service culture. This is only possible when there is a base for change. Staff members which are humiliated do not have an incentive to change in a positive way.

gorath servicetest allows for positive changes in the team, the set up of goals and standards, and awards for good performance.