Customer Satisfaction and Confidence

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gorath servicetest - Agency for mystery research projects

gorath servicetest was founded in 2000 by Petra Gorath (now: Brand), as an agency specializing in mystery research projects.

Between May 2004 and September 2008, the company was run in cooperation with Ms. Carola Wendt from Düsseldorf, under the name of

At the end of September 2008, Ms. Brand took over the business from Serviceprofit GbR., including the staff and has since then been known only as gorath servicetest.

gorath servicetest s a company specializing in the optimization of service processes. Core business is all services which focus on the customer, customer interests and satisfaction, as well as the analysis of customer service. Our aim is to improve the customer service and customer orientation:

  • (Mystery Shopping, Mystery Calls, Mystery E-Mails)
  • Customer and staff surveys
  • Analyses of the competitive environment (Benchmarking)
  • Service consultation and training
  • Store, price and promotion campaign checks
  • Personnel consulting

One focus of the company is the professional organization, implementation and execution, as well as the analysis of complex mystery research projects (test shopping, mystery calls, and written inquiries). All this is done in order to determine customer satisfaction.

gorath servicetest offers these services across the Federal Republic of Germany, in Austria and Switzerland, and in cooperation with partner companies also globally.