Mystery Research

We carry out mystery research projects for you, such as mystery shopping, customer surveys, mystery calls, test travelling, store checks and other quality tests tailored to the specific needs of your company.


Mystery Research

What is Mystery Research?

Mystery Research, also called mystery checks is a method for monitoring in the field of market research. Test shoppers behave as regular customers; they monitor and assess the process of dealing with a customer, following a given catalogue of pre-set criteria. They collect data for the assessment of customer service quality.

Mystery Research - services offered by gorath servicetest

gorath servicetest is specialized in test shopping, test consultation, test calls, test dining and other mystery checks. The company has long lasting experience with high-ranking clients from different economic and industrial sectors.

We have a supraregional database of test personnel at our disposal and will develop a questionnaire for your mystery research project that is individually tailored for your company.

The individual mystery research services performed by gorath servicetest include:

Valuable information for your management

Mystery research performed by gorath servicetest provides an objective picture of your company's service quality. This can be used as a base for marketing decisions or measures for quality improvement. It can also be used to check compliance with company standards.

Use gorath servicestest to discover how your customer perceives your company and services.

gorath servicetest assists you in detecting not only flaws in your company, but also in finding strengths and compliance with standards and company objectives.

Improving Service Quality

gorath servicetest advises your company in developing measures for service quality improvements. You will realize how you can further promote positive performance criteria or adjust negative ones.

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