Mystery Research

We carry out mystery research projects for you, such as mystery shopping, customer surveys, mystery calls, test travelling, store checks and other quality tests – tailored to the specific needs of your company.


Test e-mails and Test FAX

Using mystery e-mails or mystery FAX, the service and consultation quality of inquiries, which are answered by e-mail of FAX are determined. Qualified mystery callers contact the company via telephone call or e-mail, and ask for information or advice via e-mail or fax, following a standardized procedure.

Quality test criteria for personnel:

  • Addressing the customer (politeness, friendliness)
  • Answering all the customer’s questions
  • Thoroughness of information
  • Reference to further information
  • Willingness to sell (service / product)
  • Additional sales and increase of turnover

Technical quality criteria:

  • Time span till reply
  • Legibility / quality
  • Size and format
  • Number of pages/li>
  • Printability / print quality