Mystery Research

We carry out mystery research projects for you, such as mystery shopping, customer surveys, mystery calls, test travelling, store checks and other quality tests – tailored to the specific needs of your company.


Staff surveys

Using staff surveys, your employees’ commitment towards your company’s interests and goals can be measured.

Employees are one of the most important resources of your company, for they possess valuable knowledge about customers, competition and your company’s service processes. However, these factors are often too much neglected. Only content employees can guarantee customer satisfaction and enthusiasm. Your employees therefore are your most important capital and the deciding factor for success.

Recognize the need to act – create methods of resolution

When designing staff surveys, it is not enough to gather knowledge about employee dissatisfaction or frustration, which call for action, but also about how and where to find solutions:

  • What are the triggers for specific employee behavior?
  • Where do your employees’ potentials and strengths lie?
  • By what means can your employees be motivated?
  • At what points are there problems with your company’s business processes?
  • Was denkt Ihr Mitarbeiter wirklich?
  • What expectations do your employees have towards your company?

The systematic staff survey allows you to recognize your company’s strengths and weaknesses. This provides the base for the realization of strategic and operational business goals.

Staff surveys can therefore serve as an instrument for motivating each individual employee to commit to the company and the continual improvement of its business processes.

Staff surveys through gorath servicetest

gorath servicetest offers you all-inclusive service regarding staff surveys, from planning and organization, to the final presentation and interpretation of the results.

Consultation specific to the project

We would be happy to give you comprehensive advice regarding the ideal design of a survey with respect to a specific project. Together with you, we develop questionnaires and interview guides, and plan the implementation and execution of such surveys.

Conducting surveys

We conduct all surveys either in written form, online (via internet or intranet), or as personal interviews. We guarantee confidentiality and compliance with data protection and privacy regulations.

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